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Awhile later Jeri woke to noises outside the fence.She lived in an older neighborhood that had an alley going through the middle of the block.There is nothing like a long lasting and hot threesome with two young girls.This guy here is so lucky when he finished work today he met those young ladies in the subway and they were horny like hell.Then as quick as she her the noise she felt the pain in her ass. Jeri was squealing and dancing as she grabbed her butt from the pain.

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She didn't give it a thought as she hit the door and went in as she was determined to get back at Billy and Jake.

Jeri had just graduated from high school last Thursday, plus last week she received a scholarship to the college she wanted to go to.

Her parents told that they were so proud of her for all her hard work that this summer was hers to do as she liked.

Jeri rolled right into the balloon as it hit her very flat stomach exploding drenching her from her thighs to her breast. Then as she heard the boys laugh she got mad and yelled DAMN YOU.

Instantly and without thinking she jumped up and went running after Billy and Jake.

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