Kuni incest

, you’re going to have to face a debate between two groups of people: those that hated it and those that loved it (most of the time, not trying to generalize).

In the light novel she confessed around volume 16 and it’s stated that Onii-sama, on the other hand, does not love his little sister the same that she does, but she is the only one that matters for him for another spoiler-reason that I won’t mention, so he is going to try to look at her as a woman in the future..Here comes another main complaint and at the same time, praise, that I have about this show.Ichijo Masaki, or how I fondly called him through all the show, Suzaku (I thought that the little threat that Onii-chan could get would be this guy, however the anime chose to make me feel denied. Because I really, really, REALLY came to like this guy!Due to the exams not accounting for his talents, Tatsuya is placed in the Second Course, making him an irregular student within the magic high school..If by any chance incest makes you feel uncomfortable and only the mention of the topic makes you turn your nose, then feel free to click on that delightful X button next to this page.

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