Lance and lacey are they dating

Cynthia noticed her right bra strap was down due to her flipping around for the last ten minutes. She noticed a dress that she had not noticed in the last ten minutes.She fixed it while a small smile took over her face. She pulled it out and immediately took a liking to it.About an hour or so later there was a knock at the door. She got a thumbs up from both Candice and Fantina: she was ready.She opened the door to see her boyfriend Lance primed and ready for their date.She had even formed a rather intimate relationship with a certain red-haired dragon master.One long meeting was all it took to bore every champion in the room but luckily it was the last one for the night."That's all for today we shall meet here tomorrow at eleven," the speaker announced. Cynthia ran to catch up with Lance."Hey Lance," she greeted with her signature smile giving Lance a quick peck on his cheek."Cynthia," Lance replied with a startle."You ready for tonight," she said with a sultry tone.She came in close and gave Lance a quick kiss, one that he returned. "See you at seven."Back in her hotel room, one that she was sharing with her two best friends, Candice and Fantina.

It was a time to meet others that she had formed strong friendships with.

As an extra bonus she wore garter belt with some black fishnet stockings.

She came out of her closet and wowed both Candice and Fantina. " Candice said with a smirk as she stood up to get a better look.

Lance was dressed in his usual attire but with a bow tie, cape and keeping his usual dark blue and striped orange color scheme."Lance, hi! The two linked arms and proceeded out the room into the hallway towards the elevator."So," Cynthia began with a smile. ""I have reservations for the best restaurant in town," Lance began trying to hide his nervousness.

" Cynthia greeted."Good evening m'lady," he greeted with a light bow. "After that, we'll see.""I like the sound of that," she replied, liking tonights plan.

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