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When the legislation was introduced, production companies sprang up in Calgary, Montréal and Toronto, but the most active producer of quota quickies was Kenneth Bishop of Victoria, BC.

He produced two films (1932–34) through his Commonwealth Productions and another 12 films in three years (1935–37) through his second company, Central Films.

) and the world’s first movie studio to rely entirely on artificial light (in New York City), it is almost impossible to speak of a Canadian film industry at the birth of cinema.

The first public screening of a film in Canada took place on 28 June 1896, in , who two years earlier had opened the world's first Kinetoscope parlour in New York City featuring Thomas Edison's latest invention, introduced Edison's Vitascope to the Canadian public in Ottawa's West End Park.

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Bishop had all the post-production and editing done in Hollywood so that his financiers, Columbia Pictures, could approve the final product.

These promotional films were characteristic of most Canadian production through 1912 — financed by Canadians but made by non-Canadians to sell Canada or Canadian products abroad.

The few Canadians (such as Ouimet in Montréal, Henry Winter in Newfoundland and James Scott in Toronto) who initiated their own productions made only newsreels or travelogues.

Because of the high cost of film production, widespread distribution is vital to a film's commercial success.

In the 1920s, the major Hollywood studios (Paramount, RKO, 20th Century Fox, MGM and Warner Bros.) adopted a vertically-integrated model of ownership, combining production and distribution under one umbrella.

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