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Health: Start get some regular exercise, you're beginning to put on weight - not particularly sexy. Yes, I know that sounds very clichéd but it’s true!A wonderful thing about my work as a professional wedding photographer, is having the opportunity to share in my clients’ travel adventures.

This could be expressed by a bold and assertive attitude, by reckless behaviour and belligerence, or even more skilfully, by proving to be an expert in the art of manipulation...

At the same time, her imagination sublimates the raw material into purified figures and silhouettes, inspired by her long walks in the Alpilles where she loves to recharge and in masks that envelop the faces of mystery.

She presents her collection of clothes, unique pieces and small series demonstrates the willingness to dress up and assert themselves in a world without borders and a line of accessories unusual objects, jewelery, paintings, sculptures , photos, old textiles ...

Charming, attractive, seductive and even sophisticated Nefertari is all smiles, sweetness and light.

However, beneath the pleasant and very-good-looking appearance, she is far from being as accommodating as she seems.

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