Updating glibc redhat

The address family of a tunnelled real server does not have to match the address family of its virtual server, so we need to delay any setting of the vs address family from an rs address until the end of the real_server block, so that we know whether the forwarding method is tunnelling or not.Likewise the check of the sorry server has to be delayed until the end of the virtual server configuration (the tunnelling method may be specified after the address of the real/sorry server).* Handle scripts names that are symbolic links properly.* Use fstatat() rather than stat() for checking script security. * Fix parsing of broadcast and broadcast - * check_http.c: http_get_check_compare crash fixed in case of absense of digest. Since -f PIE is specified for the compiler, -pie should be specified for the linker./usr/sbin/pidof when it is a link to /usr/sbin/killall5).

The child_finder function is simplified, and also stop using the parent process' child_finder function in the checker process.

We can poll for the individual interface details which significantly reduces what we have to process. * Be consistent with type of size parameter for mlists. The code now will enable high performance child finding, based on using mlists hashed by the pid, if there are 32 or more vrrp track scripts or misc check healthcheckers.

The size of the mlist is based on the number of scripts, with a limit of 256.

report_child_status() is now only called in the main keepalived program.

The reporting of the exit status of vrrp track scripts and MISC_CHECK scripts is now handled in the specific code for those scripts.

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